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Tourism in Lorient

Sightseeing in Lorient

Want to sightseeing from your Bed and Breakfast La Masana? Lorient, maritime town of Morbihan in Brittany, renowned for its Festival Interceltique, enchants you and allows you to discover Brittany between tradition and modernity. Walk along the marina to the ferry terminal, from where the Ferries leave to the island of Groix … or discover the many attractions of Lorient…

Lorient - Tourism and activities
Blason de la Ville de Lorient

Blason de la Ville de Lorient

And if Lorient was the destination of your vacation?
The ocean, green valleys and rivers, simple pleasures with family or friends, a history and a rich heritage of centuries, amazing discoveries, kayaking, surfing, parachuting or golf, live entertainment throughout the year…
You are in Lorient, in the heart of southern Brittany!

Cultural visits

  • The Museum of the Compagnie des Indes
  • The Cité de la Voile Eric Tabarly
  • The Downtown walk
  • Larmor beach and its sandy beaches
  • Cycle tracks from “La Masana”
  • The fishing port and the port of Plaisance
  • Hennebont, its castle, its Haras and towpaths
  • The zoo in Pont-Scorff

For your sports stay

  • The Golf Ploemeur Ocean, Golf Blue Green 9 km (18 holes)
  • Golf Val Quéven, Golf Blue Green 10 km (18 holes)
  • Hiking from « La Masana », the GR34
  • The cycle tracks accessible from « La Masana » coastal walks up to the mouth of the river, passing through the beautiful beaches of Larmor, Lomener, Stole beach, of the small port of Kerroc’h, the Courégant, Fort-Bloqué and its great beach and the various coves and beaches of Guidel
  • spa and Aquatic Centre du Moustoir in Lorient city center 10 minutes walk
  • SPA Centre in Guidel Plage Oceane
  • The Equestrian Club Kerguelen

Guest Rooms « La Masana » provide you with maps Rando Guide. More than 300 km of footpaths in 19 municipalities await you … Discover our circuits!

Une rue de Lorient © J. Grand-Colas
Entrée de la rade © Yvan Zedda
Lorient : la passion de la mer © Yvan Zedda

A quick look of history
Tour de la Decouverte

Tour de la Découverte

Lorient is named after the ship « Soleil d’Orient », built for the prestigious Compagnie Française des Indes Orientales (1664 to 1795). Intended to trade tea, silk and porcelain, the Compagnie Française des Indes Orientales did in his time, the wealth of the city.

The Compagnie des Indes

In 1795, the Company is ruined and the city turns to ship building. From downtown, you can, as you walk toward the « Hill Faouëdic » admire the Tower of Discovery (1863), formerly named « Tower of signals ». The Tower was used by lookouts to signal the arrival of boats cruising up to Groix. Two beautiful mills (1677 and 1719) keep it company. Until 1825, they were used to grind flour to make bread and hardtack for the crews that went many months.

La Masana 1952

La Masana en 1952

Guest House « La Masana »

Family House, childhood home of Annie, your hostess, was built in 1951. It was the first house in the street, which was not its final name of « street of Louisiana ». Annie grew up in this neighborhood Keroman (which was the orchard Lorient) In Keroman was located a mansion called « Castle Keroman » house of writer Ernest Hello, a street of the district is named.

After decades spent away from Lorient, four children and after careful consideration, it was decided, the Guest House was born. To exchange, to discover Lorient, kilometers of sandy beaches, coastal paths, user-friendly way to receive and share the happiness to live in the region.

Port-Louis - Compagnie des Indes museum
Soleil Orient Musee Compagnie des Indes Port Louis Lorient

Soleil d’Orient Musee Compagnie des Indes Port Louis Lorient

A boat crossing 10mn-bus takes you to the citadel of Port Louis.
Situated on a rocky point at the entrance to the harbour of Lorient, it houses the Museum of the Compagnie des Indes, unique in France.
The museum traces the history of commerce of the Compagnie des Indes in the seventeenth century and seventeenth: Pondicherry, Chandannagar, the Sun of the East, Moka, Canton …

Let yourself go with the option of different documents, vessel models, Chinese porcelain that make you relive the adventures of these brave sailors who went into the unknown face dangers.

Within the citadel, you can visit the National Museum of the Navy and the museum of offshore Rescuers too.

© la citadelle de Port-Louis own work 27/06/2006 Jack Mamelet
© Paul-Fox_20110412_0135-Flickr – Photo Sharing!
Festival Interceltique of Lorient
Costumes Bretons Festival Interceltique de Lorient

Costumes Bretons au Festival Interceltique de Lorient

The Festival Interceltique in Lorient was born 45 years ago. It was the will of its founders to contribute to the development of music and Breton culture.

For 10 days every year, the Festival Interceltique welcomes implantation Celtic nations in the British Isles (Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Isle of Man, Ireland) and also those of northern Spain (Galicia and Asturias ).

The Lorient Interceltic Festival has a special place in all of Brittany and national festivals. It is the place of appointment of the Celtic culture, featuring Britain and other nations. He created a new concept of carrier exchanges: the interceltisme.

The Cité de la Voile Éric Tabarly
Tour des vents Cite de la Voile

Tour des vents à la Cité de la Voile

Un voyage étonnant

The great sailor Eric Tabarly brought impetus and innovation in ocean racing. Since April 5, 2008, the Cité de la Voile Eric Tabarly, invites you to a unique discovery in France to understand and share the pleasure of sailing.

On 1500m2, the Cité de la Voile invites you to animations and interactive exhibits.

3 major themes

The man and the ocean – Design sailboats – Navigation

Discover the panorama in the Tower of Winds

Visible from the harbor by a walkway accessible by the showroom.
This visit can continue with a walk at sea an hour. Accompanied by a skipper, on board one of the boats in the Cité de la Voile, the KAIDOZ 31.

On site

Restaurant – Space News – Auditorium – Shop – Documentation Centre

Everything is done for a day of discovery, pleasure and amazement.

Hennebont: Ramparts, National Stud & towpath
Hennebont remparts

Hennebont, les remparts

La Cité Médiévale

Far from 9-10 kms of Lorient, the medieval city of Hennebont is a gateway to the Britons waterways. Alliance of medieval charm and modernity, with its ramparts you can visit, discover, in the heart of the city, the Notre Dame Du Paradis (16th) Flamboyant Gothic style.

The Halage

On the banks of Blavet towpath, accessible from the city center, takes you on many Kms on foot or by bike, the quiet of the surrounding nature.

The National Stud

The Haras National Hennebont makes you discover the equestrian world, in the old Napoleonic stables. Cradle of draft horse, its business has evolved over time to become a place of training.
The riding club offers carriage rides.

Groix Island
Plage des Grands Sables Groix ©Alain-Roupie

Plage des Grands-Sables à Groix ©Alain-Roupie

The island of Groix is 8 km long and 3 km wide. The island offers over 30 km of coastal paths of wild coast for the exclusive use of hikers.

Departure to Groix at the port of Lorient at the Maritime Station, 3 minutes drive from your guest room « La Masana ».

You can rent bikes on the island or hiking on foot on the coastal paths. The island of Groix is 45 minutes crossing from Lorient by ferry.

Zoo Pont Scorff
Logo Zoo Pont-Scorff

Logo du Zoo de Pont-Scorff

Located in a green setting in Pont-Scorff, a small town near Lorient, the Zoo has a large zoological collection:

  • Large mammals: Asian elephants, hippos, black rhinos
  • Many big cats: lions, tigers, panthers, pumas …
  • Various Herbivore: giraffes, zebras …
  • Primates
  • Birds…

5 shows and many activities

Patagonian sea lions have a water ballet, to the delight of children and parents. Birds (macaws, cockatoos) fly in free flight and offer a magnificent aerial ballet.

Culinary delights of Lorient
Jus de Pomme Kinkiz

Jus de Pomme Kinkiz

Sea Specialties

Discover all the seafood, fish and lobsters Britons from the port of Lorient. Local seafood products you can also find at the Halles de Merville, downtown.

Savory specialties

Patties, buckwheat pancakes, canned sea The Belliloise (sardines, fish rillettes …), seaweed specialties…

Sweet specialties

Wheat pancakes, Kouign-Amann, Far Breton, Breton galettes and pavers, candy caramel with salted butter, jam Plougastel strawberries, Niniches …


The Chouchen, the fine Lambig of Britain, and Breton cider, Beers (Coreff, Blanche Hermine …).